Live Online Workouts for Seniors

A free, fun, quick Seniors workout that can be done from home
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Low Impact
Workouts designed to be easy on the joints
Get motivated
Workout with other seniors in real time
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Connect with other seniors after your workout
Full body workout
Improve your strength, cardio and balance

Seniors love working out with Fitaneers

Hestor La Grange
Thank you for your time to help our oldies to get off our backsides!  The exercises are easy and ideal for muscle building. The program helps me to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Please don’t stop!
Lincey Pheonix
Every morning Fitaneers is my happy time. It is free, fast and FUN. I am stronger, fitter and have better balance since joining.
Cheryl Charles
It's geared to Seniors like me. Regan's unique personality is pleasant. I like his choice of exercises. I like that it's free!
Michelle Waymunn
The low impact live workouts are fantastic. I'm feeling healthier than ever and have also met some great people.

How it works

Check the time table

Check this page for the weeks live workouts. Typically we do Tuesdays & Thursdays - but we have lots of on demand workouts you can do whenever you want.

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The workouts are streamed live from our YouTube channel. You can connect on any device - mobile, tablet, computer.

Get ready to exercise

Put your device on a table or bench.
Wear comfortable clothes and have water handy. Now you're ready to go.

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Working out from home has never been easier.